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Tear yourself from your boundaries, o my metropolis, and drift with the graceful slowness of continents to my arms. Though the others look not upon you, for you are black with smoke and sharp with the tongues of your children, I rejoice, for mine eyes have their full run of your rough and uncouth fierceness.

Come to my arms, o Manchester, and fit your city limits round my roads, your slums to my city centre. You make me desire the filth of the streets and the grey of bleak great winter skies above bleaker little lives.

Dirty me, my dear.
Originally written for *Kaytara, who wanted a nice little Good Omens story about two cities being in love.

Yes, two cities.

So here we have Manchester/Edinburgh, from Edinburgh’s POV. Ended up being inspired by the Song of Solomon, which could be worse.

I love the Song of Songs because it’s the most elegant and artfully extended pickup line ever.

The original post can be found here.

You can also hear me read it, doing my best attempt at a Scottish accent, here.

I actually got an anonymous question after posting that saying "Your accent is so pretty! Where are you from?" I answered "The American Pacific Northwest" and laughed the entire time I was typing it.

... and now I'm tempted to revisit the idea...

All © me
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